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2nd Floor, Doctor's Plaza Opposite Coop. Bank Ruiru Town
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Chosen Soil

Who are we?

About us

Chosen Soil Ltd is a real estate company located in Ruiru, Doctors Plaza Building. This company was founded by it’s current director, Amos Wambu. The company was started 5 years ago and has been in operation for all the years with an average net profit of Ksh. 50m annually. Having delivered 18 project and issued 300titles and builded a community of people. We saw the viability of this business because now and again Kenyans have been dupped by cunny real estate companies that seem to sprout out of nowhere and die down just as fast.

Over the period of it’s operation, chosen soil has sold hundreds* of pieces of land to buyers who are interested in building their own homes, consequently, we have seen there’s need for these individuals to have a developer as a key partner as they often get overwhelmed by the process of building their homes

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To make real estate investment accessible to everyone in a way that is simple, secure and profitable. We achieve this by practicing excellence, continually innovating, conducting business with integrity and always putting our customers first


Our main goal is to deliver incredible value to our customers. This why we offer services that go beyond the actual transaction of sale. Also we offer you simplified, rewarding and secure real estate investment

  1. A spirit of excellence
    If there’s a better way, then that’s the route we’re going We’re empathetic
    Our fuel is making our clients happy and fulfilled
  2. Continually innovative
    We make the best of technology and creative ideas

  3. 3. Honesty and integrity
    We’re good for our word and we deal transparently
Why invest with us

We make sure you get maximum value for the money spent. Flexible & friendly payment plan of up to 12mnths . Our projects are affordable starting from ksh 100,000. We offer world class services and product. Documentation sale agreement and title deed processing is efficient & fast. With over 300 title deeds issued, you are assured that you are working with a trusted real estate investment partner.

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Happy clients

Our Partner

Our real estate partners are dedicated collaborators, seamlessly navigating the dynamic market to deliver exceptional property solutions.

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